TCATV club

Hello Tri County ATV Club members and past members,

This is a reminder that this Saturday, June 14th at 9:30 a.m. at Brighton VFW located at the corner of Pleasant and Fitzgerald St, we will be having a meeting to elect a new slate of officers for the coming year. Please plan on being there. Coffee and pastry will be available. This is a very important meeting. We need to plan what we hope to accomplish over the year and we need to pick officers for the coming year. 

Officer’s duties are as follows:

President: Conducts our meetings 
Vice President: Takes over the Presidents duties in his absence
Secretary: Records the minuets of the meeting
Treasurer: receives dues etc: and handles the finances of the club
State Representative: attends VASA meetings and reports back to the membership

All of these positions are important and need to be filled.

Good news!! After our last meeting a few members took it upon themselves to go up on Basil hill and do some trail work. Thanks to the members who did this, a lot was accomplished. Let’s all get together this Saturday and help to make this club successful. I know we can do it. 

Bill Bailey President

Bill Bailey



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